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International Environmental Legal Services

Helping governments manage risks from climate change

Responding to damage in Dominica from Tropic Storm Erika

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Environmental Services

Environmental law and policy


Environmental management and sustainable development planning/policy


Climate change adaptation planning and management.

Human Resource Management

Human resource management, strategic planning, change management and facilitation


Negotiations, grievance process and arbitration

Health research, gender based analysis and ergonomic design.  


Established in 1992 (incorporated in 1995), the Nova Scotia (Canada) based international consulting firm de Romilly & de Romilly Limited provides consultancy, technical and professional services (both nationally and internationally) for a wide variety of clients (including international agencies, government departments, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector), in the areas of:

  • environmental law and policy;

  • environmental management and sustainable development planning/policy;

  • climate change adaptation planning and management;

  • human resource management, strategic planning, change management and facilitation;

  • negotiations, grievance process and arbitration; and

  • health research, gender based analysis and ergonomic design.   

George de Berdt Romilly

Climate Change Adaptation Specialist

Environmental Law/Policy/Institutions


Chartered Mediator (Environmental)

Legal Draftsman

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Heather de Berdt Romilly

Vice President

Human Resource Planning Specialist

Change Management Specialist


Performance Management and Governance Specialist”.

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Dominica : Strategic Program for Climate Resilience

Featured Projects 

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