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Human Resource Management Services

In the sectors of human resource management, strategic planning, change management and facilitation, the company has established expertise drawing upon a highly qualified team including:

(a)     a principal with specialization in labour and employment law and recently certified in change management (through the AdPro Prosci Changement Management Course) with over 20 years Nova Scotia public sector experience including 8 years senior management experience in the Nova Scotia Public Service Commission;

(b)    extensive experience working with the Government of Nova Scotia in human resources operations, through three consultants, respectively, providing advice and guidance to clients in all human resource areas as well as participating in a variety of special projects and restructuring initiatives;

(c)    expertise preparing for and conducting negotiations on behalf of a variety of employers in the public sector through a consultant with over 20 years specialization in the education and health sectors; 29 year’s experience teaching labour relations, negotiations, and dispute resolution and contract law at the graduate and undergraduate level; extensive experience conducting conferences for school boards in Alberta on negotiation preparation for public school boards and labour relations training for managers in Newfoundland in the private sector; and

(d)     healthcare experience (Nova Scotia) in both the delivery and management of health services (occupational therapy) and expertise in health research focusing on women’s health issues in the workplace, gender based analysis, delivery of ergonomic assessments, training and design of workplace programs through a consultant who is a registered occupational therapist and is near completion of the requirements of an interdisciplinary Ph.D. at Dalhousie University.

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Projects – Human Resource Management Services

Consulting services in the sectors of human resource management, strategic planning, project management, change management and facilitation have been provided to a variety of public sector clients internationally and in Nova Scotia, including the following:


  • Human Resource Management. Retained by the Government of Nova Scotia to assist with human resource management planning to improve functional efficiency within various government departments and agencies. The company has been providing these services under the Government of Nova Scotia Standing Offer contract arrangement with qualified service providers. 2014 to present. 


  • Functional review of Higher Education Institutions. Retained (through international competitive bidding process) as International Human Resource Specialist by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to support the Government of Mongolia in the reform of the higher education system through a functional review focused on institution building that resulted in the development of the Government Human Resource Development Strategy for Higher Education informed by international best practices.  This project also involved the provision of technical advice on governance, financial methods, access issues and professional standards along with the identification of institutional support for implementation to achieve measurable project outcomes.  (Project report published on ADB website).  2013.


  • Project Management  -  NS Department of Justice, completed Phase 1 pilot and project managing Phase 2 of the e-Probate: Preservation and Modernization of Probate Records Initiative, a long term strategy commitment made by the Department of Justice to preserve the safety, security and historical integrity of Probate records throughout the Province of Nova Scotia, where aged records (1749 – 1940) will be accessed through Nova Scotia Archives and current records will be accessed electronically through public access terminals. Phase 1 of the initiative was successfully piloted at the Kentville pilot site over fiscal year 2011-12. Responsible for leading and overseeing Phase 2 which will lead to all Probate Registries across the Province utilizing the same approach as that piloted at the Kentville site; 2013. (Contact Shauna Wilson, Director of Probate, NS Department of Justice, 563-3547).


  • Project Management, Change Management, Strategic Planning – Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), provided project & change management and strategic planning consultation services including extensive stakeholder consultation and conflict management over an eight month period to organize and co-ordinate the implementation of a major report, containing over eighty (88) recommendations, to enable the Legal Services Department to accomplish organizational goals; 2012. (Contact: Marian Tyson, Acting Director of Legal Services, HRM – 490-1353).


  • Strategic Planning, Facilitation – Service Nova Scotia & Municipal Relations, facilitating strategic planning with the Program Management & Corporate Services Division; 2012. (Contact: Cameron MacNeil, Executive Director, Program Management & Corporate Services, Service Nova Scotia & Municipal Relations – 424-4417).


  • Facilitation – Nova Scotia Business Inc.; delivered and facilitated information sessions to support implementation of the revised Code of Conduct to all managers and employees; 2012. (Contact: Joanna Matthews, Director of Human Resources, NSBI, 424-6041).


  • Recruitment – 211 Nova Scotia, provided the Executive Director with strategic human resource advice and support in the selection and hiring of 211 Nova Scotia staff; 2011-2012. (Contact: Mike Myette, Executive Director, 430-0097).


  • Facilitation –  Facilitator, 2nd Annual Arts and Culture Research Day, Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage, overseeing and conducting the external consultation process with 45 members of the arts and culture sector to identify the priority needs of the sector in relation to stakeholders’ goals and to discuss the current state of reporting and research by the Department in support of the Department’s stronger focus on fostering vibrant and healthy communities and as a strategic partner with sector stakeholders; 2011; Report published in “Department of Communities, Culture & Heritage, 2nd Annual Arts and Culture Research Day Final Report”, 2012. (Contact Peggy Tibbo-Cameron, Senior Policy Advisor, Department of Communities, Culture & Heritage, 424-4378).


  • Business (Organizational) Design, NS Public Service Commission, Corporate Human Resource Management Renewal Office, review of HR Evaluation and Audit Division, facilitating review with Deputy Ministers’ Human Resources (DMHR) Committee to align with Corporate HR Management Renewal initiative for the Public Service Commission; 2010. Contact: Linda Chisholm, Executive Lead (and Executive Secretary to the DMHR Committee), Corporate Human Resources Management Renewal, 453-2781).


  • Governance, NS Public Service Commission, Corporate Human Resource Management Renewal Office, working with the Deputy Minister’s Human Resource (DMHR) Committee to provide support and advice on governance models under the Corporate Human Resource Management Renewal Initiative; 2010. (Contact: Linda Chisholm, Executive Lead, Corporate Human Resources Management Renewal – 424-5172).


  • Facilitation in support of Strategic Planning, NS Department of Labour and Workforce Development conducting consultation sessions with external stakeholders and preparing findings report to support department strategic planning; 2009. (Contact: Margaret MacDonald, Deputy Minister of Labour and Workforce Development (currently Deputy Minister of Finance - 424-5774).


  • Business (Organizational) Design, Facilitation, Human Resource Planning Services – NS Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, examining the organizational structure and resources for three groups within the Public Works Division; conducting focus groups and individual meetings; identifying opportunities to improve efficiencies and provide advice on structures and relationship adjustments to enhance the functionality of the structure and resources; 2009. (Contact: Don Chisholm, Manager, Telecom Services, NS Chief Information Office - 424-2919 and John O’Connor, Executive Director of Public Works, Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal). 


  • Business (Organizational) Design, Succession  Planning, Facilitation, Human Resource Planning, Project Management Services – Service Nova Scotia & Municipal Relations, led project team responsible for “HR Renewal Initiative” for SNSMR; multi-component project involved advising senior team, facilitating strategic planning, completed broad based consultation with over 120 SNSMR managers, redesigned  HR CSU organizational structure and assistance with implementation, oversaw change management to transition department to new business processes through introduction and management of pilots in the areas of succession management and competition process streamlining using new technology, oversaw implementation and evaluation including quality audit process; 2008. (Contact: Cameron MacNeil, Executive Director, Program Management & Corporate Services, Service Nova Scotia & Municipal Relations – 424-4417). 


  • Business (Organizational) Design, Change Management & Facilitation Services - South Shore Regional School Board;  Undertook needs assessment, review of organizational design and workflow processes to identify opportunities for improvement, Prepared Findings Report with Recommendations which were accepted, facilitated group meetings and individual sessions; 2007. (Contact: Nancy Pynch-Worthylake, Superintendent of Schools, South Shore Regional School Board, 543-2468 and Jim Gunn, Acting Superintendent of Schools (2006), South Shore Regional School Board -576-2233).


  • Business (Organizational) Design, Change Management, Facilitation, Health Human Resource Planning Services – NS Department of Health Promotion and Protection providing services related to organizational design of the newly established department and support to program areas; 2006- 2009; (Mary Beth Gillis-Pelton, Human Resources Consultant – 424-8218).


  • Business (Organizational) Design, Health Human Resource Planning Services, NS Department of Health  providing services related to organizational design including research support in a variety of program areas including Primary Care, Physician Services, Pharmaceutical Services, Policy & Planning, Deputy’s Office, 2006-2009. (Contact names for heads of each are and numbers available upon request).


  • Change Management & Facilitation Services – NS Department of Community Services, integration of child protection agencies voluntarily devolving to the Department; 2007. (Contact: George Savoury, Executive Director of Family & Children’s Services, Department of Community Services – 424-8256).


  • Change Management, Business (Organization) Design Services - Workflow Processes Review – Communications Nova Scotia; 3 separate reviews: Third Review - 2006 (assisted a Division with redesigning organizational processes to improve workflow management), Second Review – 2005, Follow-up to Initial Review to determine effectiveness of workplace redesign procedures implemented as a result of recommendations from First Review, First Review –Undertook needs assessment, review of organizational design and workflow processes to identify opportunities for improvement, Prepared Findings Report with Recommendations which were accepted and successfully implemented, facilitated group meetings and individual sessions, assisted with implementation; 2004. (Contact: Laura Lee Langley, Assistant Deputy Minister, Communications NS, currently Deputy Minister of Communities, Culture and Heritage –424-4869).


  • Strategic Planning, Facilitation, Project Management, Human Resource Policy and Planning Services – NS Department of Education & Department of Tourism, Culture & Heritage (& PSC)- Undertook needs assessment through broad based consultation process with managers of the host departments to determine managers’ information needs with particular attention to human resource management, undertook a comprehensive pilot to build a prototype to respond to managers’ needs, tested the prototype, broad consultation process with key stakeholders including five groups representing the HR Community (Training and development, HR Consultants, HR Managers, HR Executive, Developmental), developed content working closely with content experts (15+)from the Public Service Commission, regularly briefed deputies and senior management teams of host departments,  developed and assisted with implementation of web-based portal for managers including content development of human resource policies, guidelines and checklists encompassing all aspects of the human resources function; made presentations to all senior teams across Government and deputies’ committee post implementation; 2005 – 2007. (Contact: Linda Chisholm, Director of Human Resources, Education Human Resources Corporate Services Unit, 424-5172); Oversaw pilot of FFM at SNSMR for PSC through HR Renewal Initiative identified above and acting in advisory role to FFM Coordinator hired by PSC to oversee FFM (2008).


  • Human Resources Planning and Facilitation Services – NS Public Service Commission developed Competency Framework for Government’s HR Community in support of Phase 2 of the HR Strategy for the HR Community; oversaw design, validation through focus group meetings with representatives from HR Community; developed enhanced competencies to assist with implementation strategy; 2007. (Contact: Pamela Matheson for Vanessa Hammock, Public Service Commission – 424-5604).


  • Facilitation, Strategic Planning, Project Management Services – Coordinator, NS Gaming Strategy (Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation and Office of Health Promotion) –- responsible for overseeing and conducting the public consultation process to obtain feedback on the Province’s Gaming Strategy with a diverse array of stakeholders both internal and external to Government; 2005; Report published in “A Better Balance: Nova Scotia’s First Gaming Strategy – April 2005”. (Contact Marie Mullally, CEO, Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation, currently President & CEO Credit Union Atlantic, 492-6500).


  • Policy Development - NS Public Service Commission developed Critical Incident Stress Policy, Employee Assistance Program Policy and revised Employee Assistance Program Policy, prepared supporting documentation Memorandum to Executive Council and Briefing Note; 2005. (Contact: Rhonda Calcott, EAP Coordinator, Public Service Commission – 424-5433). 


  • Facilitation Services, Training & Development in Privacy Law, Acadia University, March 2004; South Shore District Health Authority (SSDHA) – (1) Board Governance and Privacy to Governance Operating Committee of the Board of Directors of SSDHA; and (2) Privacy for Physicians of SSDHA (presentation constituted education credit); 2004.


  • Facilitation, Training & Development, Dal Tech Continuing Education, Dalhousie University – Course on Assisting Businesses Meet Privacy Law Requirements; 2004.

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